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Local currency prices for display purposes only.
  • aud
  • cad
  • cop
  • eur
  • gbp
  • jpy
  • mxn
  • usd
  • chf
Monthly Price
The subscription cost recurs monthly from the sign-up date, until you reach a Funded Account or the account is canceled.
Profit Target (Per Step)
The Profit Target is the amount of net profit required to be considered for a Funded Account.
Maximum Position Size
Cumulative, across all open trades.
Daily Loss Limit
Net P&L cannot hit or exceed this amount in a trading day (5:00 PM – 3:10 PM CT).
Trailing Max Drawdown
Account Balance High – Maximum Drawdown = Trailing Maximum Drawdown (which is calculated at the end of each trading day).
$50K Starting Balance
$226 aud
$216 cad
$602,303 cop
€139 eur
£124 gbp
¥17,136 jpy
$3,354 mxn
$165/month USD
5 Contracts
$100K Starting Balance
$445 aud
$425 cad
$1,184,355 cop
€274 eur
£245 gbp
¥33,753 jpy
$6,607 mxn
$325/month USD
10 Contracts
$150K Starting Balance
$514 aud
$490 cad
$1,368,872 cop
€316 eur
£283 gbp
¥38,946 jpy
$7,624 mxn
$375/month USD
15 Contracts
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  • Fully customizable drag and drop setup
  • One-click order entry throughout the platform
  • Trade directly from charts with more than 40 available technical indicators
  • Depth of markets module provides insight into the exchange’s limit order book
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  • Fits into your lifestyle – when and where you want to trade
  • Full platform available on any device with a web browser
  • iOS and Android apps available
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  • No platform fees
  • $0.79/contract/side commissions in the Funded Account
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