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TopStep Hero Rule Zone

Rule Zone

Our rules help you manage risk, build discipline, and improve your consistency. Learn how to make them work for you.

Topstep holistic approach

A Holistic Approach

Being a trader, and not just someone who trades, requires that you follow a routine for every part of the day, not just the hours in front of your computer. The Trading Combine develops the disciplined mindset necessary for sustained success.

Our Rules

Manage Your Downside in Trading
Manage Your Downside
Manage Your Downside in Trading

Professional traders limit how much they are willing to lose over a given period. Daily, weekly, and max trailing drawdowns ensure that a few bad trades don’t sink your account.

Protect Your Profits

The size you trade should always be compatible with the equity in your account. Our position limits and scaling plan encourage you to keep this balance.

Risk Management in Trading
Reduce Your Risk
Risk Management in Trading

Just because you can trade around the clock doesn’t mean you always should. Traders need to be aware of volatility and illiquidity events to avoid outsized losses.

reset trading

The Reset

We realize that no one is perfect—even trading robots make mistakes. If you break a rule in the Trading Combine, the Reset enables you to start over in your current Step. The cost of a Reset is meant to build discipline by ensuring that you have “skin in the game.” The live markets can be much less forgiving.


We don’t have these rules to be difficult.

We believe they are the best way to develop the mindset you need to become a successful trader. So make them work for you. JFTFR stands for “Just Follow The F***ing Rules.” Keep this as your mantra and you’ll be well on your way to a Funded Account.

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