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Why TopStep

Why Choose Topstep?

from activity to identity

Many funding opportunities promise a career, but few follow through. Mainly because they don’t offer the right framework to get you there. Trading is more than a job, it’s an identity that requires a disciplined approach. We understand because Topstep’s founders are traders. Our promise starts with funding, but goes beyond.

We’ve Got Your Back

Topstep founder Michael Patak started Topstep so that aspiring traders could learn the craft without making the same expensive mistakes that nearly ruined him financially. Hear him explain why Topstep works.

the topstep difference

Fastest to Funding

Start earning after eight traded days.

First Futures Funding Opportunity

Topstep has been paying out tradersdaily since 2012.

Funded Traders = One Step

Advance to Step 2 should you lose your Funded Account.

90/10 Profit Split

Keep 100% of your first $5,000, and 90% of everything you make thereafter.

Kick-Ass Trader Support

Connect with really smart people in Chicago via call, chat, WhatsApp, or email.

Trader Development

Free coaching with experts, tools, and resources to help you build better habits.

Daily Live Videos

Learn from veteran traders every Monday-Friday.

Trader Bonuses

Get rewarded for your great trading and discipline.

Trader Communities

Talk to like-minded traders on Facebook and in our Discord chat room.

Free Practice Account

Take a break, but keepyour momentum, risk-free.


Get personalized analytics on your performance after every trading day.

Safe Environment

Learn with us and we’ll handle the cash. Why risk your own capital? 

redefine success

Success is more than just a winning trade. It’s a mindset rooted in process. We can help you get there with proprietary feedback, coaching opportunities, complimentary practice accounts, and even an AI coach to provide insights and help you hone your skills.

Performance Coaching Options
Redefining Trade Promotion

Our Proven Process

We all have strategies, but following them consistently is difficult in the moment. The rules exist to help you manage risk and stop trading without a plan.

  • Prove you can responsibly profit
    We’re looking for successful traders, not gunslingers.
  • Show you can manage risk
    Follow the rules while hitting the profit target and you'll earn a Funded Account. Guaranteed.
Professional Traders

Real People. Real Support. Real Results.

We have an office in Chicago. When you call us, one of our very-human trader support reps will answer the phone. We have teams of real developers and professional traders improving the product and supporting clients. If you’re in town, let us know and we can arrange a tour.

Resources at the Push of a Button

(No, seriously)

Financial markets move fast. We want you to be up to date on the best tips, tricks, and practices in the industry today.

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With Topstep, I never felt alone trading. I felt I had support and I felt someone was behind me providing support to help me succeed. The entire experience has felt like a family of traders, and for me, that was an awesome feeling!


Excellent support! Could not ask for a better team to help make your dreams a reality! If there is an issue, they take care of you right away. Highly recommend Topstep to anyone looking to take their trading career to the next level!

Shane D.

Topstep has been an extraordinary experience. I have improved in terms of having discipline, following the trading plan, and being more patient. There really is a trader that has evolved in this test. This has been a school for me.

Cristian P.
Successful Traders Successful Traders

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