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Topstep Hero Personal Coaching


Whether you’re a novice or expert, you shouldn’t have to go at this alone.

Our Coaching programs develop the right trading mindset by focusing on process and trading psychology.
Free Online Trader Group Coaching at Topstep Free Online Trader Group Coaching at Topstep

Group Coaching

Don’t know where to start? No sweat!

Our FREE group performance coaching sessions are a great way to meet the coaches and learn the fundamentals of trading.

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Our Coaches

John Hoagland – Senior Performance Coach

John Hoagland has 38 years of futures trading experience. He traded on the CME floor for 20 years before moving to the screens in 2009. He’s developed thousands of traders at Topstep and is passionate about improving individual performance.

Dan Hodgman – Senior Performance Coach

Dan has been trading for 12 years between Chicago prop firms as well as his personal accounts while simultaneously serving in the US Marine Corps. As you might guess, he’s big on discipline, and it shows in his coaching philosophy. He looks forward to working with active traders and helping them achieve their goals.

Mick Ieronimo – Performance Coach, Risk Manager

Mick traded grains at the Chicago Board of Trade and executed trades under Linda Raschke at the Granat Fund. He’s a whiz with technical analysis and serves as Topstep’s Risk Manager for funded traders.


Topstep was built for traders by traders, and our experts know exactly what type of support and mentorship you need. Learn more about the experience our funded traders have had with our personal trading coaches.


Private Trading Coach

Even the world’s best traders work with coaches and mentors to keep their edge. Our coaches use their decades of professional experience to help you make measurable progress. Your private coaching subscription includes weekly one-on-one phone calls, daily group meetings and market analysis, a free Trading Combine Reset each month, and more. Come see why private coaching is worth the investment. 

Coaching is currently at capacity for one-on-one calls, but we do offer group coaching.

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