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AI Coaching

Strong discipline = fast funding

Hold yourself accountable to a plan, leverage data, become a (Topstep) Trader.

Discipline or Bust

Topstep experts and funded traders agree, discipline is critical to success. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Coach pushes accountability— no more excuses.

Accountability Partner

Imagine having a coach in your corner, providing guidance and data for decision making, so you build strong habits. Now you do — right in your Trading Combine®. Topstep’s AI Performance Coach is there along every step of your journey.

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Your Trading Journey


Make a plan and stick to it! Practice and test your strategy before trading in your Combine. Leverage resources from experts to form stronger habits.


Easy there, cowboy! Wouldn’t it be great to have a coach in your corner as you trade providing the emotional support to help you manage risk and follow rules? Now you do!


Reflect and reboot! See how you’re trading over time. Use data to hone your strategy and develop stronger discipline so you can get to funding faster.

STay tuned —  topstep’s AI Performance coach is coming to the trading combine in 2021!

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