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Market News Posted by John Doherty November 5, 2021

Weekly Kickoff Levels from John Hoagland 11/7/21

Every Friday afternoon, Topstep Performance Coach John Hoagland fires up his charts and identifies the trends and “areas of importance” futures traders should look out for in the coming week. Read on to see what John’s keeping his eye on, and be sure to tune in to The Market Forecast each trading day at 8:00 AM CT on YouTube for his latest reactions and analysis.

Crude Oil

CLZ1 11-07-2021

Contract: CLZ1

Market Direction: Sideways

Areas of Importance:  77.85 & 83.60


Contract: GCZ1

Market Direction: Sideways

Areas of Importance: 1767.00 & 1825.00


6EZ1 11-07-2021

Contract: 6EZ1

Market Direction: Lower

Areas of Importance: 1.1470 & 1.1700

S&P 500

ESZ1 11-07-2021

Contract: ESZ1

Market Direction: Higher

Areas of Importance: 4599.00 & 4710.00